As an emerging writer, fresh out of the cocoon of an undergraduate Arts degree, and with no other credential to their name – all I can offer right now is my collection of ideas for creative writing projects.

In short, this page really is just a showcase of these works-in-progress that I am currently working on, which will be primarily documented on my blog. They do not just cover novels, but also ideas for serials and a book review series told in comic format. Will be updated when I have something to actually add to it!


Nameless Deeds of the Warprize (YA Fantasy Trilogy)

Nameless Deeds of the Warprize is a high fantasy trilogy that centers around the human-troll halfling, Katalina Gardnyer – who is unwillingly thrust into a quest to stop monstrous terrorists that threaten to spread their vampire invasion across the entirety of her world.

The sequels of the series include: The Memory’s Bone and God’s Undead.


Almost Paradise (Dystopian Romance)

Almost Paradise centers around the troubled Holly Nghiem, who wants nothing more than to forget her traumatic past and find solace with UNITY, the society that is rebuilding a recovering Australian nation from the ashes of war.

But everything changes when a ghost from her past bursts into her life, and all that Holly had fought to forget resurfaces – including a love that had only lived on in her memories.

In a society that traded autonomy for security, Holly must decide if she’d stay with the community that promises to protect her, or to fight for the future she didn’t realizes she wanted.

Pursuing The Waif_COVER (REDIT).png

Pursuing the Waif (YA Mystery Romance)

What happens when a girl is caught in a love story that never meant to be hers?

Victoria Ngo is determined to investigate the disappearance of her missing best friend – but never expected to attract the attention of two very different guys.

Steven Park was rich, feared and unattainable enough for everyone to want him regardless of his cold, stoic exterior. Meanwhile, James Milton was the resident bad boy with enough charisma to win over anyone’s heart.

It seemed like Victoria was stuck in a teenage soap opera, but everything changed when she discovers that might be the wrong lead in someone else’s story.


Friends Without a Home (Fantasy Action-Adventure)

Friends Without a Home is a high-fantasy, action-adventure spin-off series that is set within the same world as Nameless Deeds of the Warprize.

The series is about a ragtag crew of magical creatures that consider themselves ‘heroes for hire’ whether that involves finding sacred magical artifacts, stealing from the corrupt and rich, or simply stopping the ancient and powerful creatures from taking over the world.


The Literary Bystander (Book Review Series)

The Literary Bystander is a book review series about the adventures of the titular character who literally gets 'inside the world of books' she reads. The series covers a range of books, predominately science-fiction and fantasy, 'classic' English literature and young-adult fiction.

Possible expansion will include a video essay series that analyzes book adaptations and in-depth exploration of book series.


Fish Feathers (YA Mystery)

Fish Feathers is the first installment in a Young Adult Mystery series that follows amateur teenage sleuth, Mary Anne Nguyen, who tries to solve the disappearance of the wildlife at her year-seven camping trip.

The series will follow her adventures in solving mysteries while suffering  through the trials of high school and all things adolescent in Melbourne, Australia.


Heart of the Hidden Citadel (Fantasy Adventure Romance)

It was supposed to be just another mission for the slightly above average thief-for-hire, Faestan Belnar.

What he hadn’t expected was when he rescued the mysterious and alluring Yeneada, was that he would be thrown into a quest to find the Heart of Zenitrium.

With his trustful companions Alindi and Ounnan, they must find this legendary jewel in order to stop the impending chaos havocked by Eulum, a monster that has been released from his prison.